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✔️ In order to provide you with the best possible help, please fill out this form honestly and accurately. We’re willing to give you a completely free, live consultation over the phone – all we ask is that you fill out this form correctly and with good intent.

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I used to charge $250 per hour for this service and now provide it FREE of charge to all new potential clients. Consultations are limited to 20 minutes and it is not a free for all (ask anything you want and get all the answers). As this is a free consultation with limited time, the goal of this phone call is to provide you with a clear understanding of what services you need and a rough idea of how much they will cost. Project duration and completion time may also be addressed. Please be polite and respectful, as I am always. Enough chatter – let’s get rolling!

All information collected is used solely for the purpose of me contacting you. Your info is not and will never be sold, traded, or abused for any reason.

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